Pre-Interlock Removal Behaviour Change Program

If you want the alcohol interlock condition removed from your licence, you’ll need to participate in this program.

All Intensive Drink Drivers will also be required to complete a Stage 2 (2 hour) Pre Interlock Removal Program before being able to get their interlocks removed. Enquiries regarding these programs should be made at least 6 weeks prior to your interlock period ending.


The pre-interlock removal behaviour program in Victoria is a 2-hour service program for all Intensive Drink Drivers that will remove the alcohol interlock condition from a licence upon successful completion.

The pre-interlock removal program is intended for those that have been convicted of a drink and/or drug-driving offence. The program seeks to identify why this occurred and work to prevent relapses.

You can purchase the $225 program from our shop to begin. Contact us for more information.