If participants are unable to attend the program, THERE WILL BE NO REFUND. Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a death of a family member or a hospital admission/treatment will be accepted. Proof of such events will need to be provided to the administrative staff at Drive Safe. Drive Right.

VicRoads require participants to complete the program within 28 days from the date of the first session. Drive Safe. Drive Right. Will make all attempts to enroll you in other available sessions, however availability to complete the second session within 28 days cannot not be guaranteed.

If however participants need to change their program date prior to the first session, participants are required to contact Drive Safe. Drive Right. At least 5 business days prior to the program session date. Refunds will not be given, however Drive Safe. Drive Right. Will make attempts to enroll you in other available sessions.

Only in these circumstances, the VicRoads fee will be refunded.

CONDUCT-EXCLUSIONS: Participants who behave in a disruptive unruly fashion, or who attend whilst affected by substances including alcohol will asked to leave the session. This exclusion means that there will NOT BE A REIMBURSEMENT OF FEES. Participants who are asked to leave will be excluded from further sessions.

Description of Program Cost Recovery Fee Concession

Participants who meet the Australian Government requirements for fee concessions shall be charged the Drink and Drug Driver Program Cost Recovery Fee concession.

Holders of the following current Australian Government recognized cards, shall be eligible for the Program Cost Recovery Fee concession:

  • A pensioner concession card issued under section 1061ZF of the Social Security Act 1991 of the Commonwealth; or
  • A health care card within the meaning of the Social Security Act 1991 of the Commonwealth other than—
  • A child in respect of whom a career allowance under section 953 of that Act is payable; or
  • A Gold Card, being a card issued to a person who is eligible—
  • To receive a pension under section 13(1) of that Act as
  • The widow or widower of a veteran within the meaning of that Act; or
  • A totally and permanently incapacitated veteran to whom section 24 of that Act applies; or
  • A Gold Card, being a card issued to a person who is eligible for treatment under Part V of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 of the Commonwealth, other than a dependent (not including the widow or widower) of a veteran.

The concession card must be current and issued in the participant’s name as the primary card holder.